About the Cross+Trainers

Mission Statement

To draw ourselves and those around us closer to Jesus Christ by living a Sacramental life in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church, and to be empowered by the grace of the Sacraments to witness and share God’s love with others.

CT 2013

The Cross+Trainers are a group of young adults ranging from Confirmed high school seniors to post-college young adults who serve the parish community of St. Paul the Apostle in Chino Hills, California through a presentation of dynamic retreats for youth.

Our primary ministry focus is discipleship. We recognize that we cannot expect to be effective in ministry unless we have first invested all of ourselves into our own personal formation in prayer, regular participation in the Sacraments, catechesis, meditation on Scriptures, and in keeping our brothers and sisters in the ministry accountable to Christ’s call to discipleship. Thus, our apostolate, or duty in giving back to the Church, is through the retreats that we staff and facilitate.

We are faithful to the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, taught and passed down to the faithful through the generations.

To contact the Cross+Trainers, you may email crosstrainingministry@gmail.com.